Methane Sulfonyl Chloride   [124-63-0]


Purity                     纯度
99.5% min.(by weight)
Appearance           外观
Colorless and transparent Oil Liquid         
Water Content        水
250ppm max.
Heavy Metal         重金属
10 ppm max
Iron                         铁
10 ppm max.
Density(18/4℃)     比重

Other Names: Mesyl Chloride,Methylsulfonyl Chloride
Formula: CH3SO2Cl                           M.W.:114.6
Application: widely used a in organic synthesis,dyeing and color film industry,pharmaceutical chemistry,
Pesticides etc.In organic synthesis,used as catalyst,chlorizating agent,stabilizer and solidifier.In dyeing industry,used to produce Disperse Red 343.Also used as bactericide etc.
           used in electroplating.
Usual Packing:250kg net UN-approved PE-drum,250kg net UN-approved steel-plastic combination drum.
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